1. Bounce stems for mastering.
  2. Send files for stem mastering with a professional engineer.
  3. Finalize artwork at 10,420 x 6,947 pixels for merchandise at full resolution.
  4. Output artwork in square format at 3,000 x 3,000 pixels and smaller at 1,000 x 1,000 pixels too.
  5. Write description of copy for the song press release.
  6. Write out any lyrics if applicable.
  7. Receive final masters back, original mix, dynamic mix (for streaming), acapella, and instrumental (if applicable).
  8. Create two new releases in SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION, one single and one EP
  9. Input song details and request a new UPC code
  10. Upload final STREAMING master to the single release
  11. Request a new ISRC code for the single
  12. Select all streaming and download, streaming and radio, white label, background, technology, rights management partners - NOT ELECTRONIC like Beatport
  13. Select a Friday release date, preferably over 1 month scheduled ahead and no less than 2 weeks away.
  14. Select the Monday before that release date for the pre-order
  15. Review and submit the release
  16. Go to the EP release and input all the song details, plus this line on the description "Enjoy this extra-special deluxe edition EP with Original Mix, Dynamic Mix, Studio Acapella, and Instrumental."
  17. Upload the Original Mix, Dynamic Mix, Studio Acapella, and Instrumental mixes
  18. Use the ISRC code from the single release for the ORIGINAL MIX on the EP
  19. Set the same Pre-order and release dates, but make the EP exclusive to Beatport for 4 weeks. That means Beatport is the only platform to get the Deluxe EP for a whole month.
  20. Set the partners to electronic, download, white label, technology, and rights management. 
  21. Review and submit the EP for release.
  22. Then register the song and the EP album on SOUNDSCAN with the correct matching UPC and ISRC codes.
  23. Also submit a Marketing Drivers application to SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION.
  24. Schedule the song on Soundcloud the day before the primary release date at Noon local time.
  25. Take the full resolution artwork to create the necessary merchandise and generate square image mockups. These images can be used for marketing purposes before the merchandise can be printed, shipped out, and professionally photographed.
  26. Order samples and/or inventory of each of these products IF POSSIBLE due to budget restrictions. The more real photos and actual inventory to ship out immediately the better.
  27. When you receive the samples, take as many photos as you can in different settings. Take lifestyle photos, product photos, and manakin/model photos.
  28. IF POSSIBLE, brainstorm and plan out a MUSIC VIDEO to film while wearing the clothes. Then edit the video for social media distribution via Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram on pre-order and release day marketing. The music video becomes a marketing statement for both the song and the clothing combined.
  29. Use the last SHOPIFY product to make a duplicate clone and input all the new words and mockup images - replace these images as soon as real photos are taken.
  30. In the SINGLE App, create a new digital release and input the same information used for SYMPHONIC DISTRIBUTION, including the matching UPC and ISRC codes from the single release. DO NOT UPLOAD THE EP release, just the ORIGINAL MIX. Save this release with the same pre-order and release dates.
  31. In the SINGLE App, bundle the digital release with ALL THE MERCHANDISE from the SHOPIFY PRODUCT.
  32. In ZIPIFY, duplicate the last product page created and then switch out all the imagery and words to the new song. Make sure to re-title the page and input the relevant SEO information for social sharing. Also make sure to change the actual product connection to the new merchandise.
  33. Once it hits the Monday Pre-Order date, find the link from the artist page on Apple Music for the single.
  34. Upload the stems and the Ableton project to Splice for remixing.
  35. Take this link and go to Feature FM to create a new smart-link. Input all the appropriate information, including the Splice link is possible.
  36. Make sure to add the ZIPIFY link for the PLURTHLINGS.com/page/new-merch to the FFM smart-link.
  37. Use the full resolution album artwork from Dropbox and Enlight Pixaloop app to create a trippy art video. Then export into Enlight VideoLeap with the Streaming/Dynamic version of the song. Export both 16:9 and 9:16 versions of the video for use with YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram (Stories & TV), and our blog. This is a great video solution if a music video was not possible. This is why it's clutch to have album artwork without words on it.
  38. Take the Soundcloud embed code, artwork, music video, short-link to the FFM page, and description and write a blog on Kajabi. Schedule the blog for release on the Thursday before release day for our most dedicated fans to preview before the actual release.
  39. In the DRIP CRM app, write and schedule emails to go out about the song on the Tuesday about the pre-order, on Wednesday about the clothes, on Thursday about the blog, and then on Friday for release day. The Friday email can be rescheduled for anyone who didn't open the first email on Saturday. An additional email can also be scheduled for Sunday about the merchandise again - especially if the inventory was in stock and becoming limited. Throughout the emails tell the story about the song.
  40. Then in the LATER App, schedule social media posts to go out on Instagram and Facebook about the release, the mockups, the photos, the stories, and the cut up 9-piece artwork puzzle - must be in the same exact formation as the other previous songs. As much content as possible. Song walkthrough videos, visualizers, lyric videos, and pixaloop videos are also ideal.
  41. Use these content pieces to create a parallel marketing campaign on Facebook Ads and IF POSSIBLE Google/YouTube/Spotify Ads as well. User Evergreen marketing to strategically add this song to the proper automated email campaigns and advertising going out to WARM AUDIENCE to ENGAGE with new fans and STAY CONSISTENT with lifetime fans.
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