We would like to start this out by saying THANK YOU for making PLURTH possible!

Without YOU, the connection to PLURTH would have been lost forever.

Keep shining your unique light into this dark world, and the rainbow bridge to our mystical realm will grow stronger and stronger.

One day we'll all wake up as a global community that has created PlurthONEarth TOGETHER!

This is not just a FAQ or a normal Help and support center for our business ... 

Help.PLURTH.com is going to be an online Akashic Record, super archive and all-out Wiki to anything and everything PLURTH!

We want to accomplish two things:

  1. Help and educate our PLURTH Fam community about living their BEST LIVES!
  2. Help and educate our PLURTH Team on how to manage and operate the various functions of our business, website, etc ... 

So we figured, why not accomplish those two goals together?

Where blog posts and vlog videos can only go so far, this platform is going to go IN DEPTH with all that we do here in this magical dimension.

Manifest WHAT YOU WANT! 

This is our motto!

... and we are going to help YOU do just that too! 

PLURTH is completely open-source, sustainable and focused on the evolution and betterment of the next seven generations ... 

Where and when do we start?

Well, do you hear the chime? It's time to turn the page and talk about how this is all organized. The only time we'll ever get is the present moment, so let's begin right away shall we?

It's time ... Your LIFE IS CALLING!

See you in the next article fam ... welcome home :)

PS. Keep your arms and legs inside the portal as we make our Ascent towards the PLURTH atmospheric zone ... oh yes, and please clear your mind and prepare yourself to absorb some much needed awesomeness ...

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